Ballarat Tweed Ride

Social cycling in the heart of regional Victoria.

Latest updates from the organisers

How to dress for the weather

Tweed Ride style is about preparing yourself for the weather. Yes, it looks gorgeous but it’s a style that has always been based on functionality. The current forecast for Saturday (ride day) is 11 degrees and cloudy. This is how you style for the weather. Choose sensible footwear. Even on a warm day, open-toed shoes…

Tweed Fair and Dance

This year we will finish the ride at the St Patrick’s Cathedral Hall on Dawson St South for an afternoon of dancing, treats and artisans. Entry is FREE The hall will be open from 11am until 2.30pm The dance floor will begin at 12pm. The post-ride event will have tables and chairs and you are…

Ride in Bendigo

Would you be interested in developing a Bendigo Tweed Ride? To make an official event, we will first get together and see what works. To help establish what the ride will look like, all you have to do is join in on April 2At 11am We’ll gather at the giant Bendigo sign at the entrance…

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