How to dress for the weather

Tweed Ride style is about preparing yourself for the weather. Yes, it looks gorgeous but it’s a style that has always been based on functionality. The current forecast for Saturday (ride day) is 11 degrees and cloudy.

This is how you style for the weather.

Choose sensible footwear. Even on a warm day, open-toed shoes aren’t our style. Think boots, think stockings, think long warm socks.

Partner gloves with your outfit. As if you needed an excuse! Gloves not only keep hands warm (particularly on bike handlebars), they look splendid with the theme of the day. Some are lined with fur or fleece for extra protection.

Scarves make great colour accents to an outfit, and they also keep necks warm. The colour of your scarf can bring out wonderful colour accents in your full outfit.

Coats and vests are layers you can use to adjust your temperature. They are another level of protection against wind and removing a layer helps cool off after riding. An outer coat can be key to keeping rain off your underneath layers.

Hats keep ears warm and hair dry. A little bit of drizzle isn’t a bother when your hat is doing its job of protecting you from the chilly elements. Not to mention it can make you look rather dashing.

This ride is an all-weather event. If it’s too wet or cold for you to be comfortable taking part, then please head straight to the St Patrick’s Cathedral Hall on Dawson St South to warm up on the dance floor and the riders will meet you there.

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