2021 Fashion Awards

This year we changed the format of the fashions to give them more prominence, instead of our previous informal and relaxed approach. We introduced a single new category: Tweed Style Icon. This was to give an overall award to one of the category winners. We had some fantastic prizes donated by local businesses so that winners could enjoy a special taste of Ballarat.

There were so many amazing outfits in this year’s ride. Make sure you check out the whole album as these photos of winners are only a small sample.

The winners this year were:

Tweediest Tot: Sam Wade

Group of Distinction: Christina Crockford and family.

Most Steadfast Steed: Janice Munro & Ian Bray with 1940’s Crescent bikes

Most Magnificent Millinery: Sarah Kolotelo

Most Dapper Rider: Steve Giofches

Most Elegant Rider: Charlie Farren

Most Dapper Spectator: Coire Sneddon

Most Elegant Spectator: Kez Brown

2021 Tweed Style Icon: Steve Giofches

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