Another year, another ride

It’s been a week since our 2021 ride and it has felt absolutely wonderful to be back on the bike. I tried to debut a wonderful and eclectic electric trike, but the battery died immediately after commencing. Hopefully next year we will have the technical issues sorted and we’ll be able to ride it for the full distance.

This year was the first year that we have booked out all our spots. You may be interested to hear that we booked it out twice. When we first sold out, we emailed out all of our participants and encouraged them to cancel their ticket if they were no longer able to attend so that people who were on the waiting list could have the opportunity to attend. Around thirty participants cancelled their tickets and to our delight all those released spots were taken.

When the volunteer team were testing out riding the electric trike earlier in the week we found the weather sunny but grossly cold. When we compared that day’s test ride to the weather forecast for the day of the ride, it looked like the day of the ride was going to be worse, so I contacted all the participants and emphaised the need for gloves and layers. I laughed with and apologised to many of the participants on the day who were sweating in layers of wool because while it was cold, the sun came through for the majority of the ride which was beautifully warm.

We’ve got so many ideas for next year already and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Also, keep an ear to the ground for other events we will be doing between now and then.

Tweedy regards,


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