Bendigo Tweed Ride

Well, the cat is out of the bag a little sooner than I was anticipating, but yes, I’m hoping to expand to Bendigo as well. Thanks to Chris Pedler for the brief phone chat and article in the Bendigo Advertiser.

Now, everyone keeps asking when the Bendigo Tweed Ride will be. The answer is that I don’t know yet. I’d love to have it in autumn and have had my eye on March. I’m communicating with relevant people at the council but as they’re very busy I won’t be able to meet with them until January. That would cut it a bit fine to plan a March ride. So I don’t know yet but I’ll announce anything, even an unofficial social get together or ride on the social media channels.

Bendigo Tweed Ride is on Instagram and Facebook

I’m hoping to make sure that the rides are unique as both will showcase cities with unique citizens and histories. If you come to both, you should get a unique experience at each.


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  1. Great news Liana! I live in Castlemaine, so not far to Bendigo for me. I have ridden the ballarat event a few times in the past and love it.

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